MAX Motor Dreams Bassat Ogilvy & Mather Madrid, GTB Spain для Ford

MAX Motor Dreams

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Отрасль Автомобили, Товары для дома и домашних животных, Мобильные приложения
Медиа ТВ и Кино, Диджитал
Рынок Испания
Агенство Bassat Ogilvy & Mather Madrid
Creative Pablo Fernández, Javier Martinez
Агенство GTB Spain
Продакшен агенство Espadaysantacruz Studio
Выпущено марта 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Automotive
Media: Experiential/ Outdoor
Brand: Ford
Agency: GTB
Agency: Ogilvy
Advertising Agency: GTB España y Ogilvy, Mather Publicidad, Spain
Advertiser: Ford

Managing Creative Director: Paulo Areas

Creative team: Javier Martínez, Pablo Fernández

Digital equipment: Rubén Martín, Celia Fernández

Account Manager: Paula Vizcaíno

Account Supervisor: Marta Baquero

Account Executives: María Alcalá, Yoyes Peruyero

Head of Experience: Paloma Adrién

Production assistant: Fernando Albor

Client Contact: Esther Gironella

Producer: Espadaysantacruz Studio
Development and technology: Espadaysantacruz Studio

Music producer: TDL Music
Published: February 2017
MAX Motor Dreams, the latest from GTB Spain and Ogilvy & Mather for Ford.
Madrid, February 15, 2017. GTB Spain, with the support of Ogilvy & Mather and Espadaysantacruz Studio, developed a new work for Ford.
After months of research and development, Ford launches 'MAX Motor Dreams'. A crib that simulates exactly the feeling to be traveling in a Ford.
The crib was created on the basis of the insight that children usually sleep easily in the car. In order to help parents, was born the "MAX Motor Dreams" crib.
It Counts with special attributes such as:
. Reproduction of the slight sound of a Ford engine.
. Smooth motion that mimics a drive away.
. LEDs that reproduce the outside lights.
Everything is controlled through a simple application.
Also as a main feature, parents can record favourite routes of their children to then reproduce them accurately in the crib.
Through the website, you can request a test-drive of the MAX Range Cars and participate in a contest to get the crib.
The realization, development of product and production was conducted by Espadaysantacruz Studio.