The Next Rembrandt J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam для ING

The Next Rembrandt

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Отрасль Банкинг и финансовые услуги
Медиа ТВ и Кино, Диджитал
Рынок Нидерланды
Агенство J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director Bas Korsten
Art Director Robert Nelk
Copywriter Mark Peeters
Photographer Robert Harrison
Editor Tim Arnold
Продакшен агенство New Amsterdam Film Company
Director Juliette Stevens
Выпущено апреля 2016


ADCN Awards 2017
Grand Prix Winners - Grand Prix
Design DIGITAL Bronze

Кредитсы и описание

Entrant: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
Campaign: The Next Rembrandt
Title: The Next Rembrandt
Product: Ing
Brand: Ing
Advertiser: Ing
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Bas Korsten
Business Director: Ralph Wisbrun
Executive Strategy Director: Daan de Raaf
Sr. Creative Art: Guney Soykan
Sr. Creative Copy: Kasia Haupt Canning
Strategy Director: Agustin Soriano
Copywriter / Concept: Mark Peeters
Art Director / Concept: Robert Nelk
Tech Lead: Emmanuel Flores
Developer: Morris Franken
Developer: Ben Haanstra
Photographer: Robert Harrison
Design Director: Vinesh Gayadin
Digital Director: Jesse Houweling
Pr director: Jessica Hartley
Editor: Tim Arnold
Brand Manager: Elisah Boektje
Screen Producer: Frederique van der Hoeven
Screen Producer: Mariska Fransen
Print Producer: Chariva Geurts
Design Studio (& City): Andre Ferwerda (Heerenveen)
3d Artist: Andre Ferwerda
Design Studio (& City): Kreukvrij (Amsterdam)
Animation: Olaf Gremie
Production Company (& City): New Amsterdam Film Company (Amsterdam)
Director: Juliette Stevens
Film Producer: Sander Verdonk
Sound design: Studio Alfred Klaassen (Amsterdam)
Web Development: Superhero Cheesecake
Yesterday, 'The Next Rembrandt' was unveiled in Amsterdam: a 3D printed painting, made solely from data of Rembrandt’s body of work. Thus bringing the Master of Light and Shadow back to life to create one more painting. Only this time, data is the painter, and technology the brush. A portrait of a man in black 17th-century clothing with a white collar and a hat has been unveiled in front of a packed auditorium. The painting was created using data from Rembrandt's total body of work using deep learning algorithms and facial recognition techniques. The portrait consists of over 148 million pixels, based on 168,263 painting fragments from Rembrandt’s oeuvre. Blurring the boundaries between art and technology, this artwork is intended to fuel the conversation about the relationship between art and algorithms, between data and human design and between technology and emotion.