Breaking Point E:MG для FotoCh сhild & сharity

Breaking Point

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Отрасль Благотворительные организации, фонды, волонтеры
Медиа ТВ и Кино, Диджитал
Рынок Россия
Агенство E:MG
Creative Director Maxim Kolyshev
Art Director Lidia Veres
Copywriter Lubov Esayan
Выпущено марта 2017


Golden Hammer 2017
Social Campaigns Diploma
Social Film Diploma
PR Social Pr Diploma

Кредитсы и описание

Advertised brand: Children and Youth Rehabilitation Center for Visual Arts 'PhotoCh' (child&charity).
Client: Children And Youth Rehabilitation Center For Visual Arts ‘Foto Ch’
Advert title: Breaking Point
Translation of headline to English: Breaking Point
Advertising Agency: e:mg, Moscow, Russia
Creative Vice President: Anton Melnikov
Creative Director: Maxim Kolyshev
Managing Director: Tatyana Tarmogina
Art Director: Lidia Veres
Copywriter: Lubov Esayan
Cameramen: Maxim Kolyshev, Grigoriy Bulkot
Chief Photograph: Andrey Kamenev
Operator: Dmitriy Khrustalev
Composer: Oleg Litvishko
Sound Producer: Eugeniy Pankratov
Film Editor: Serafim Salnikov
Client Service Director: Eugenia Raeva
Producer: Nadezhda Sokolova
PR Director: Ekaterina Anninskaya
SMM Manager: Alena Kvartnik
Additional credits: Dynamic Projects Group (PR)
Release Date: 05.03.2017
Lack of experience, lack of knowledge of society laws and lack of skills lead most children-orphans and children with disabilities in Russia to unfortunate events in life. In our society it is a norm to call such children «disabled», most opportunities concerning cultural realization are not available to them. However, these children need creative, psychological, social and cultural rehabilitation.
The objective of the campaign is to tell about «FotoCh», Russian charity organization that allows children with disabilities to master skills of the photography art. The task of the campaign is to alter the attitude to people with special needs and to prove that there are no «limited» possibilities.
We are convinced that there are no people with limited possibilities.
There are people with unlimited talent.
We believe that only acting on the breaking point of one's abilities, one can discover his creative potential.
And who else if not teens with special needs can demonstrate the way to live and to create at the breaking point of abilities?
9 teens went to expeditions: they climbed the mountains of Caucasus and went through ices of Lake Baikal. They live in severe north conditions, move along the ice desert, balance on the edge of the rock.
During the expedition we made a documentary film about our heroes and presented it with the amazing photos at the interactive exposition in the centre of Moscow. We offered visitors to stand in the place of photographers, discover the story of each photograph and to try making the similar photos of wild nature.
The project was supported by famous actors, cinema critics and photographers. The film about our heroes was shown on federal channels and online.
Total audience 59 518 000 people (OTS)
PR Value 1 428 571, 53 USD
Media impressions 415 107 774
But the most important thing is that we proved to the society that there are no people with limited possibilities.