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Cut Out The Darkness

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Отрасль Благотворительные организации, фонды, волонтеры
Медиа Диджитал
Рынок Великобритания
Агенство Panasonic
Выпущено января 2014

Кредитсы и описание

Designers asked to create solar lantern shade designs to help raise awareness of off-grid communities across the globe Over 1.3 billion people live without access to electricity. In order to raise awareness of the daily challenges faced in these areas and bring light to these parts of the world, Panasonic has launched the next phase in its 100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project. Entitled, 'Cut Out The Darkness,' the campaign invites members of the public to create their own paper solar lantern shade. By visiting the project website, participants can submit a design as well as vote for other entrants via an online poll.The top 100 designs will be fabricated by laser cutters and delivered to schools and homes without electricity throughout the world. In addition to this, entries will be showcased alongside designs from 11 globally acclaimed paper-artists: Hina Aoyama, Anna Howarth, Bovey Lee, Elaine Penwell, Elod Beregszaszi, Julene Harrison, Kako Ueda, Mayuko Fujino, Jonathan Chapman, Sarah Dennis and Xin Song.
Category: Charities & appeals
Client: Panasonic
Agency: Panasonic
Country: United Kingdom