Chai Break Печатная реклама, Наружная реклама Wine Monkey Wrench


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Отрасль Кафе
Медиа Печать, журналы и газеты, Наружная реклама, билборды, плакаты, транспорт
Рынок Индия
Агенство Monkey Wrench
Creative Director Ashis Mridha
Art Director Dorin Burh, Shalaka Rawat
Copywriter Madhura Chakravarty
Выпущено ноября 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Media: Digital
Brand: Chai Break
Agency: Monkey Wrench
Geo: India
Advertised Brand: Chai Break (A popular cafe that serves a variety of teas in India)
Advert Title(s): Wine, Facebook, Rembrandt (Titles of the three creatives submitted.)
Media: Digital & Outdoor
Advertising Agency: Monkey Wrench Communications
Creative Director: Ashis Mridha
Art Director: Dorin Burh, Shalaka Rawat
Copywriter: Madhura Chakravarty
Headline: People often travel as far as Jura - the southern tip of France - for a bottle of wine, when even now the world's most exotic beverage is available for 2 rupees.
Body copy: Celebrate Chai - the biggest local favourite close to you.
Published: 17 November, 2017
Chai Break is a popular cafe in India that aims to resurrect the lost flavour of 'chai' or 'tea' amongst the youngsters of today who are driven to break away from local traditional hits and are slowly shifting their likes to cuisines/beverages that are more internationally acclaimed.
Chai Break has strengthened its presence in India with 11 outlets, thronging the cities of Kolkata, Bhubaneswar & Durgapur, while charming their favourite goers with a variety of 'chai' & a bouquet of cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Thai & Indian.
Their unique range of teas reflect the essence of true Indian culture while reinventing some age-old favourite beverages.