Adidas Печатная реклама Be Originals, 3 Miami Ad School Sao Paulo

Be Originals, 3

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Отрасль Спортивная одежда, Обувь и Аксессуары
Медиа Печать, журналы и газеты
Рынок Бразилия
Агенство Miami Ad School Sao Paulo
Creative Director Marcelo Rizerio
Art Director Christopher Chefel
Copywriter Adriano Sato
Выпущено июля 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Fashion
Media: Print
Brand: Adidas
Agency: Miami Ad School
Geo: Brazil
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School / ESPM, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcelo Rizério
Art Director: Christopher Chefel
Copywriter: Adriano Sato
Published: July 2017
Adidas Originals always sought to have an brand identity out of the ordinary. Your positioning always been reflected in your target audience, who seeks to differentiate themselves in their lifestyle. We translate this into visual posters, where a small feature of each piece goes out away from the pattern by showing the essence of the brand in a direct way.