Bike Muchimuchi для Duracell


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Отрасль Батарейки
Медиа Печать, журналы и газеты
Рынок Франция
Агенство Muchimuchi
Creative Director Nicolas Dondina
Art Director Nicolas Dondina
Copywriter Poquelin Pharell
Выпущено сентября 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Electronics, Technology
Media: Print
Brand: Duracell
Agency: Muchimuchi
Geo: France
Advertising Agency: muchimuchi, Paris, France
Creative Director / Art Director: Nicolas Dondina
Copywriter: Poquelin Pharell
Photographer: iStock
Published: September 2017
Duracell is an American manufacturing company that produces batteries and smart power systems. These visuals express the idea that power is a vector of pleasure and that DURACELL embodies this promise. No electric objects have been staged in this campaign to leave room for sports accessories that evoke action and power.
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