Bury Your Secrets ORD&BILD для Fotografiska

Bury Your Secrets

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Отрасль Развлечения и досуг
Медиа Печать, журналы и газеты
Рынок Швеция
Агенство ORD&BILD
Выпущено ноября 2013

Кредитсы и описание

Many people have secrets. Secrets that sometimes can be a burden to carry. To promote the exhibition "Secrets" of Paolo Roversi, Fotografiska (centre for contemporary photography) in Stockholm launched buryyoursecrets.se/en. The site allows anyone with a secret to get rid of it by first share it and then bury it once and for all. All secrets will be printed out during January 2014 and then buried outside Paolo Roversis home city of Ravenna, Italy in spring 2014.
Agency: Ord & Bild, Stockholm
Category: Entertainment & leisure
URL: http://buryyoursecrets.se/en
Client: Fotografiska
Agency: ORD&BILD
Country: Sweden