O Imparcial Печатная реклама Cactus Audi Comunicacao


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Отрасль Безопасность дорожного движения
Медиа Печать, журналы и газеты
Рынок Бразилия
Агенство Audi Comunicacao
Creative Director Rafael Lucas
Art Director Joao Corazza
Выпущено октября 2018

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Media
Media: Print
Brand: O Imparcial
Agency: Audi Comunicação
Geo: Brazil
Advertising Agency: Audi Comunicação, Presidente Prudente-SP, Brazil
Creative Director / Copywriter: Rafael Lucas
Art Director / Illustrator: João Corazza
Photographer: Victor Gonçalves
Additional Credits: Roger Lima, Bruno Lopes
Published: September 2018
The advertising campaign talk to the citizen that don't pay attention with the traffic. The number of accidents are growing because human faults. The turn signal it's one of the more important alerts to avoid mistakes and collisions, so, the ads are showing the unreal risks. We shouldn't be afraid of the turn signal.
The turn signal doesn’t hurt. Recklessness does!