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Отрасль Кофе, Чай, Горячий шоколад, Кафе
Медиа Промо / PR, Кейсы
Рынок Ливан
Агенство H&C Leo Burnett Beirut
Associate Creative Director Yasmina Baz - Tania Saleh
Creative Director Areej Mahmoud - Caroline Farra - Celine Khoury
Art Director Dalia Fadel, Mark Maftoun
Выпущено декабря 2011

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Consumer Goods, including FMCG and Household Products
Product/Service: COFFEE
Chief Creative Director: Bechara Mouznnar (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Executive Creative Direcor: Malek Ghorayeb (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Creative Director: Areej Mahmoud (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Deputy Managing Director: Nada Abi Saleh (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Associate Creative Director: Tania Saleh (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Art Director: Mark Maftoun (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Art Director: Dalia Fadel (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Communication Supervisor: Jad Hindi (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Communication Manager: Ranwa Sinno (Leo Burnett Beirut)
General Manager Levant Pr Division: Jo Chemali (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Senior Pr Executive: Hala Akiki (Leo Burnett Beirut)
Media placement: TV campaign – 1 spot - LBCI / MTV / FTV / OTV / New TV - 18 May 2011
Media placement: Radio spots – 3 spots - Sawt el Ghad, Rotana Delta, Nostalgie, Radio one, Light FM, RLL, Sawt el Mada, Sevan, Izaat el Nour - July - September 2011
Media placement: Ambient outdoor - Zaitunay Bay-Beirut - December 2011
Media placement: Online page - Facebook - December 2011
Media placement: Newspapers (Press release) - Al Balad, Al Mustaqbal, ad Diyar - December 2011
Media placement: Magazines (Press release) - Gala, Hasnaa, Snob, Layalina - January/February 2012
Media placement: Online Magazines (Press release) - TimeOut, Rag Mag - December 2011

Summary of the Campaign
Cafe Super Brasil (CSB) wanted to appeal to a wider audience from different areas of Lebanon.

In a country riddled with uncertainty we wanted to create hope. The objective of the campaign was to involve the public at large around a cause that is the faith of Lebanon and give them the 'responsibility' of the future.

Lebanese are fond of coffee cup reading and want to believe in it. CSB used that approach to involve people through a major integrated campaign on TV, Radio, point of sale activities and an activation during the busy Christmas fair all centred around foreseeing future events related to the everyday challenges of the Lebanese people.

The CSB activation in the Christmas fair succeeded in gathering the Lebanese to fingerprint all together and make one united wish: a bright destiny for their country this year. To push the cause further, inspirational figures and celebrities from the Lebanese society also participated in sharing a positive wish.

The Situation
Lebanon had been without a government for over 9 months and the country was going through internal turmoil with the political factions divided; this presented for us an opportunity to spread a message of unity and CSB called on people to partake in a national effort to see what fortunes lied ahead for them in what is one of the most common rituals: reading coffee.

The Goal
The goal was to build a national awareness around our coffee brand and position it as a patriotic brand which cares for the fortunes of the country and its people using local customs, traditions and local institutions.

The Strategy
Turkish coffee is a widely consumed drink which is naturally associated with the Lebanese people through the phenomenon of coffee cup reading. CSB came in to own the anticipation of the country’s fate by the creation of a character which people could identify with.

From there we developed a TVC where AbouNazih (our character) was reading the fate of the country through the coffee cups of the members of parliament.

We closed the year on a positive note inviting people to take part in the campaign; CSB moved from a sideline observer to a unifying brand asking the Lebanese to rally behind a positive outlook for Lebanon in 2012. This materialised in an event in which celebrities joined their wishes to those of the crowds.

A press release was sent to major newspapers and magazines on new year’s showcasing the New Year’s wishes from CSB empowered by the Lebanese people.

The campaign was launched through a TVC and followed up by radio ads that complemented the TV using the same character yet providing some timely updates on hot Lebanese topics.

Following the TVC and riding on the momentum we created coffee reading stands in points of sale.

We took part in a prominent Christmas fair during which we invited people to take part in our initiative and join their voice to that of CSB, an activity which was given notoriety through the endorsement of some prominent celebrities. The event was documented and followed in real time on social media and followed up with press releases in all major publications.

Documented Results
The campaign reached more than 2,500,000 people - more than half of the Lebanese population.

10,000 visitors had their fortune read and 3,500 thumbprints were collected in less than 4 days, including that of top celebrities.

Sales increased by 28.8% in key strategic areas.

The none-quantifiable returns that built on the brand equity;
- The campaign was spoofed on a prominent Lebanese comedy show
- The campaign was referenced in a political talk show
- A leading caricaturist used our idea to draw the Lebanese confusion

Finally the tradition of fortune telling in coffee cups was revived and accredited in part to CSB who’s aura grew nationwide as a brand that is socially responsible.