Sneaker Freaker Промо, Кейсы SNEAKER STALKER Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo


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Отрасль Журналы
Медиа Промо / PR, Кейсы
Рынок Япония
Агенство Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo
Director Tomohiro Suzuki, Itomi Jinshi, Yusuke Ryuman
Executive Creative Director Mark Collis
Creative Director Chris Gurney
Art Director Tomoyuki Obata, Kosuke Hashijima, Akihiko Ono
Photographer Marco Togo
Выпущено сентября 2009

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Best Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Product/Service: MAGAZINE
Date of First Appearance: Sep 19 2009 12:00AM
Entrant Company: OGILVY & MATHER JAPAN, Tokyo, JAPAN
Executive Creative Director: Mark Collis
Creative Director: Chris Gurney
Art Director: Tomoyuki Obata
Art Director: Kosuke Hashijima
Art Director: Akihiko Ono
Director: Jinshi Itomi (Redworks Japan)
Director: Yusuke Ryuman (Redworks Japan)
Photographer: Marco (D I P)
Chief Assistant: Ayano Kawasaki (D I P)
CGI: Yuki Sasaki (D I P)
Professional: Yuhsaku Najima (Amana)
Professional: Mari Takeuchi (Amana)
Professional: Satoshi Takahashi (Taiyo Kikaku)
Director: Tomohiro Suzuki (Taiyo Kikaku)
Media placement: Ambient - YM Square Build Harajuku, Tokyo - 19/09/2009

Results and Effectiveness
-Results: In just 5 days, we stalked approximately 100,000 pairs of feet, introducing all of them to Sneaker Freaker magazine.

Creative Execution
-Creative strategic solution: put our advertising as close as we can to the sneakers worn by fashionable people. -Channel 1: We used escalator prints at a place where the most sneaker fanatics already hang out: the Adidas store in Harajuku, the most fashionable neighbourhood in Japan. In this high foot traffic area, we made it all about their sneakers, showing Sneaker Freaker’s fanaticism in a surprising, playful way. -Channel 2: we used floor prints at the top of the escalator to drive home our branding. Take ones and bound magazine samples showed the magazine content to interested pedestrians.

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
-Business and marketing goals: build awareness of the world’s biggest Sneaker magazine in a country that hasn’t heard of it yet: Japan. -Target audience & relationship with brand: Japanese fashion-heads are already sneaker fanatics… but they didn’t know about Sneaker Freaker yet! -Unique insight: Japanese sneaker fanatics will only trust a magazine that loves sneakers as much as they do.