UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) Промо MAKE INVISIBLE VISIBLE McCann Bangkok


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Отрасль Благотворительные организации, фонды, волонтеры, Права человека
Медиа Промо / PR
Рынок Таиланд
Агенство McCann Bangkok
Executive Creative Director Supachai Toemtechatpong
Creative Director Noranit Yasopa
Art Director Boonyarit Watim, Kanon Umpornsirirat, Arm Buddaphol, Kanitcha Apiamornkarn
Выпущено января 2013

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Charities
Art Director: Kanon Umpornsirirat (McCann Worldgroup/MRM)
Creative Director: Noranit Yasopa (McCann Worldgroup/MRM)
Art Director: Arm Buddaphol (McCann Worldgroup/MRM)
Art Director: Boonyarit Watim (McCann Worldgroup/MRM)
Agency Producer: Daotip Sudhisanronakorn (McCann Worldgroup/MRM)
Copy Writer: Monsak Chaiveeradech (McCann Worldgroup/MRM)
Art Director: Kanitcha Apiamornkarn (McCann Worldgroup/MRM)
Executive Creative Director: Supachai Toemtechatpong (McCann Worldgroup/MRM)

Client Brief Or Objective
Unicef is known as an organization that protects the rights of children and young people. Thai society have never noticed or realized these problems.The objective is to raise awareness of children problems in the society.

Ignite people to aware and encourage them to be a part of Unicef to help.We create a play based on true stories of the children and invited influential people such as celebrities, reporters, philanthropists and others to attend the play. The play which has never been showed before. 'INVISIBLE PLAYS'.

A play focusing on the rights of uneducated children, children of no nationalities and children of HIV infected parents.We create the play that dramatize actual life. When the show begins they can not see anything. The audience feel something and get noisy.At the end of the play. Light turns on. Super comes up "Just because you can’t see the problem, doesn’t mean it’s not there."The play received a big round of applause which implied that the audience understood and became aware of the problems we were highlighting. We drove people to unicefplays.com for more information and how each individual can do their part to help.

The issue was as well spread out by the audiences through social media such as Facebook, twitter etc. And the traffic in the unicef plays reach half a million in few days. Free PR media valued up to 1.1 million. The invisible problem has become visible. We believe that this will be a good start of the changing.