Panasonic Печатная реклама, Диджитал Talk to Me Maruri Grey Quito

Talk to Me

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Отрасль Здравоохранение и фармацевтическая продукция
Медиа Радио, Диджитал
Рынок Эквадор
Агенство Maruri Grey Quito
Chief Creative Officer Eduardo Maruri Miranda
Art Director Santiago Landaburu, Carlos Villacis
Creative Andrés Landívar
Выпущено мая 2017


Cannes Lions 2017
Radio Use of Radio & Audio: Use of Audio Technology Silver Lion
PR Digital & Social: Use of Technology Bronze Lion

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Electronics, Technology
Media: Film
Brand: Panasonic
Producto/Product: Parlantes
Agency: Grey
Geo: Ecuador
Advertising Agency: Grey, Ecuador
Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, Guayaquil
Media Agency: Maruri Grey, Guayaquil
Pr Agency: Maruri Grey, Guayaquil
Production Company: Maruri Grey, Guayaquil
Chief Creative Officer: Eduardo Maruri (Maruri Grey)
Chief Strategic Officer: Fausto Maruri (Maruri Grey)
General Creative Director: Pipo Morano (Maruri Grey)
Music Artist: Johnny Vera (Maruri Grey)
Agency Producer: Daniela Ubilla (Maruri Grey)
Creative: Andres Landivar (Maruri Grey)
Art Director: Santiago Landaburu (Maruri Grey)
Art Director: Carlos Villacis (Maruri Grey)
Editor: Guillermo Buchelli (Maruri Grey)
Account Executive: Monica Rumbea (Maruri Grey)
Voice Casting: Massive Voices (Massive)
Audio Post Production: Hesse Studios Gmbh (Hesse Studios Gmbh)
Music Artist: Claudia Hesse (Massivemusic Amsterdam)
Music Artist: Lukas Walter (Massivemusic Amsterdam)
Global Creative Chairman: Per Pedersen (Grey)
Regional Creative Director: Diego Medvedocky (Grey)
Published: May 2017
According to medical study from Northwestern University believe hearing those stories in parents’ and siblings’ voices exercises the circuits in the brain responsible for long-term memories,” said lead author Theresa Pape. “That stimulation helped trigger the first glimmer of awareness.”Hearing Familiar voices can help coma patients to recover their consciousness faster. Brain connections...But, with limited visiting hours, distance and work, it becomes difficult for family and friends to visit them.Panasonic Believes in the power of sound and wants to show how call from a familiar voice can change a patient's life.The objective was to connect family members to their loved ones in a comma and allow them to hear their voice with the hope this will help them recover sooner from their accident or other illness.
Because this device from Panasonic helps families communicate with their loved ones in a comma. The connection between family members and loved ones in comma creates a new experience for them and brings them hope.
Campaign Description:
We developed “Talk to me”, a Panasonic Device that helps families communicate with their loved ones in a comma. We adapted a pair of Bluetooth speakers and added an open phone line. Then fixed them to the beds of coma patients so they can receive calls from their friends and relatives anytime.
A Total of 19 devices have been installed in the beds of comma patients in Ecuador.So far 2783 calls have been made.Panasonic Positive reputation has increased by 3 points.But most importantly during this really difficult period family members felt closer to their loved one in a comma.
The strategy was to find patients that suffered from a comma that lived in Ecuador and to speak directly to their families. For the first phase we spoke to 19 families and explained to them the benefits of ¨Talk to Me¨ and how it can help their loved one recover sooner.
We found 19 families in Ecuador that had a loved one patient that had suffered from a comma and installed the devices on the side of their beds.Families called radio stations so radio hosts could broadcast patient´s favorite music or football games of their favorite teams.Football stars, local actors and musicians, admired by some of the patients, called them wishing them prompt recovery.