Whte-breasted hedgehog Jung Von Matt/Spree Berlin для Euronics

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Whte-breasted hedgehog

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Отрасль Универмаги и Торговые Центры
Медиа Радио
Рынок Германия
Агенство Jung Von Matt/Spree Berlin
Executive Creative Director Till Eckel
Creative Director Johannes Hicks, Christopher Hoene
Выпущено апреля 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Media: Radio
Category: Home electronics
Client: Euronics Deutschland eG
Agency: Jung von Matt/Spree GmbH
Production: Studio Funk, Berlin; Mokoh Music GmbH, Berlin
Country: Germany
Project Manager: Jennifer Mironenko
Executive Creative Director: Till Eckel
Creative Director: Christopher Hoene
Creative Director: Johannes Hicks
Account Director: Tatjana Zittlau
Agency Producer: Julia Cramer
Music + Sound Production: Stephan Moritz
Music + Sound Production: Nima Gholiagha
Short summary:
Encoded Radio spots that only grown-ups understand, not kids. This way we can tell parents who delivers the best technology presents at Christmas – and at the same time let kids keep on believing that it´s Santa Claus.
In Germany it is common for kids to believe in Santa Claus until they’re about 7. And parents try their best to not reveal the secret.