Can't Wait Meerkats для Synergy

Can't Wait

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Отрасль Энергоснабжение
Медиа Радио
Рынок Австралия
Агенство Meerkats
Выпущено марта 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Radio campaign that is part of a larger integrated campaign for electricity provider Synergy, which sees the future of energy as one that is smarter, more sustainable and more equitable.
Media: Radio
Category: Public services & utilities
Client: Synergy
Agency: Meerkats Perth
Production: Soundbyte
Country: Australia
Chief Creative Officer: martin beecroft
Creative Director: Josh Edge
Creative: Rikki Burns
Creative: Dustin de Souza
Producer: Nicole Beer
Strategist: Melanie Wiese
Account team: Fionna Brazier
Account team: Liz Shave
Manager Marketing: Krystal Skinner
Brand Engagement Manager: Danielle Dennis
Brand Engagement Manager: Rebecca Hargrave
Digital Marketing Manager: Jennifer Easlea