Pool Boy Santo Buenos Aires для Coca-cola

Pool Boy

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Отрасль Энергетические напитки, лимонады, холодный чай
Медиа ТВ и Кино, Диджитал
Рынок Аргентина
Агенство Santo Buenos Aires
Creative Director Sebastian Wilhelm, Pablo Minces, Maxi Anselmo
Art Director Maxi Anselmo
Продакшен агенство Landia
Выпущено марта 2017


Cannes Lions 2017
Film TV / Cinema Film: Non-Alcoholic Drinks Bronze Lion

Кредитсы и описание

Media: TV
Category: Drinks, non-alcoholic
Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Creative Directors: Sebastian Wilhelm, Maxi Anselmo, Pablo Minces
Art Director: Maxi Anselmo
Director of Photography: Jose Luis Garcia
Production Company: Landia, Buenos Aires
General Creative Director: Maximiliano Anselmo (Santo Buenos Aires)
General Creative Director: Sebastián Wilhelm (Santo Buenos Aires)
General Creative Director: Pablo Minces (Santo Buenos Aires)
Account Director: Florencia Spinetta (Santo Buenos Aires)
Account Supervisor: Sabrina Santos (Santo Buenos Aires)
Agency Producer: Leandro Sussman (Santo Buenos Aires)
Date: March, 2017
Nothing refreshes like an ice cold Coca-Cola on a hot day. This is especially the case for this story, which features a wild race between two sibling to offer the household Pool Boy a Coca-Cola and quench his thirst. To their surprise, someone else may just get there first. #TasteTheFeeling