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Is it really that bad? 2

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Отрасль Энергоснабжение, Телекоммуникационные услуги
Медиа ТВ и Кино, Диджитал
Рынок Дания
Выпущено марта 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Industrial, Agriculture
Media: Digital
Brand: SE (The Danish energy and telecommunications group SE)
Geo: Denmark
Director: Magnus Millang
Scriptwriter: Emil Millang
Producer: Sigurd Bæk Jensen
Photographer: Martin La Cour
Sound: Thomas Gulyas
B-photographer: Esben Frese
Editor: Jakob Ølgaard
Grade: Boaz Heller
Sound: Cornelis Thaarup Hedtoft
Research: Søren Øhlers, Sebastian Myrup Hansen
Production manager: Newroz Yildirim
Production coordinator: Simon Friis Clemmensen
Media/PR Agency: AOL/Be On
Campaign manager: Louise Brogaard
Account Director: Jakob Stigler
Published: March 2017
Description: How far south can you travel by train, if the travel time must not be longer than that of a flight? Can you convert your petrol-driven car to an electric car? And how hard do you need to work if you want to be known as the Danish answer to Leonardo DiCaprio?
Casting the spotlight on #WTFgørvimedklimaet (#WTFarewedoingwiththeclimate),The Danish energy and telecommunications group SE is engaging in the climate debate in a new campaign; In six short films, Danish comedian Magnus Millang and his brother Emil will examine just how disastrous the state of climate is in Denmark.
Magnus Millang and the viewers are exposed to various dilemmas in terms of what is climate-friendly and what is not. Whether we drive an electric car, eat lots of beef or fly when we go on holiday, it all has an impact on our shared climate.