Western Union ТВ и Кино, Диджитал Moving Warmth for Better FCBMAYO Lima

Moving Warmth for Better

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Отрасль Денежные переводы
Медиа ТВ и Кино, Диджитал
Рынок Перу
Агенство FCBMAYO Lima
Выпущено февраля 2015

Кредитсы и описание

Brand: Western Union
Media: Online
Category: Financial services
Agency: FCB
Geo: Peru
Western Union: Moving Warmth for Better
The project enabled two Waskaganish natives to travel from Canada to Peru to teach residents of Lampa how to insulate their homes with animal hides. In return, residents of Lampa taught the people of Waskaganish how to add variety to their diet with quinoa, a native Peruvian food that is rich in nutrients.
The program will initiate a new communication platform thanks to Western Union, seeking to carry out exchanges between different cities throughout the world, for the sole purpose of attaining the common good. http://www.movingwarmthforbetter.com
Advertising Agency: FCB Mayo, Peru