Explore EcoBoost with the All Blacks TVNZ Blacksand для Ford

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Explore EcoBoost with the All Blacks

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Отрасль Автомобили
Медиа ТВ и Кино
Рынок Новая Зеландия
Агенство TVNZ Blacksand
Director Jamie Lawrence
Executive Creative Director Jens Hertzum
Copywriter Shannon Addison
Producer Amber Smith-Beggs
Выпущено ноября 2016

Кредитсы и описание

The world class All Blacks find a lot in common with the Ford Ecoboost engine... delivering power and economy in this spot by TVNZ Blacksand.
Media: TV
Category: Automotive
Client: Ford
Agency: TVNZ Blacksand
Production: TVNZ Blacksand
Country: New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Jens Hertzum
Creative Director: Shannon Addison
Copywriter: Shannon Addison
Producer: Amber Smith-Beggs