IKEA ТВ и Кино Cooks Mother London


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Отрасль Универмаги и Торговые Центры
Медиа ТВ и Кино
Рынок Великобритания
Агенство Mother London
Выпущено апреля 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Category: House, Garden, Pets
Brand: Ikea
Media: TV
Country: United Kingdom
Advertising Agency: Mother London, Uk
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Line Producer: Karen Rohrbacher
Dop: Thomas Hardmeier
Post: Gareth Brannan/ The Mill
Music: Focus Music
Date: April, 2017
Spending time in the kitchen with the people we love, is about so much more than food. There's conversation, laughter, making a mess, and if we're lucky, something nice to eat at the end of it.