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This Day Forward

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Отрасль Автомобили
Медиа ТВ и Кино
Рынок Великобритания
Агенство WCRS
Creative Director Chris Ringsell
Editor Jeppe Bodskov
Продакшен агенство Soup Film
Director Joachim Back
Producer Ulrika Alkerlind
Выпущено марта 2016


LIA 2016
Production & Post-Production Cinematography Bronze Winner

Кредитсы и описание

Entrant: soup.filmproduktion, Berlin
Brand: MINI
Alternative Title: Cabrio
Corporate Name of Client: BMW AG
Head of Client Services: Munich
Agency: WCRS, London
Creative Director: Christopher Ringsell
Production Company: soup.filmproduktion, Berlin
Director: Joachim Back
Executive Producer: Stephan Fruth
Producer: Ulrika Åkerlind
Director of Photography: Philippe Le Sourd
Post-Production Company: Pirates 'n Paradise, Berlin
Post-Producers: William Good/Anne Reiners
Editing Facility: Art Official Agency, Kopenhagen
Editor: Jeppe Bodskov
Music Production Company: You Guys, Berlin
Music Executive Producer: Niels Zuiderhoek
Music Composers: Fritz Rating/Niels Zuiderhoek
Music Performed By: Cat Laundry/You Guys
Song Title: Awake