Nike ТВ и Кино Sixth Sense Highdive Advertising

Sixth Sense

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Отрасль Спортивная одежда, Обувь и Аксессуары
Медиа ТВ и Кино
Рынок США
Агенство Highdive Advertising
Creative Director Mark Gross
Creative Chad Broude
Продакшен агенство The Mill
Director Nic Yiallouris
Выпущено декабря 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Agency: Highdive
Producer: Matt Gallo
Creative Director: Mark Gross
Creative: Chad Broude

Production: Mill+
Director: Nic Yiallouris
Executive Producer: Brian Smego
Producer: Erica Hilbert
Production Coordinator: Kate Ryan
Director of Photography: Dan Frantz

Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Charlotte Carr
VFX Creative
2D Lead Artists: Jamin Clutcher & Dan Frantz
3D Lead Artist: James Mulholland
2D Artists: Andy Chang, Jonny Freeman & Andrew Pellicer
3D Artists: Andrez Aguayo, Matt Dougan, Kathryn Dougan, Riyad Hasan, Naotaka Minami, Ross Scroble, Dustin Tarr & Richard Tepavchevich

VFX: The Mill
Executive Producer: Brian Smego
Producer: Erica Hilbert
Production Coordinator: Kate Ryan
Shoot Supervisors: Matthew Dougan & James Mulholland

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Mikey Pehanich
Executive Producer, Colour: Laurie Adrianopoli
Colour Assist: Lindsey Mazur

In partnership with Nike, Mill+ worked alongside Highdive to develop a new identity for Nike’s latest campaign for Lacrosse cleats.
Mill+ Director Nic Yiallouris says, ”The “Sixth Sense” campaign speaks to that inexplicable awareness certain athletes possess -- an awareness that can be found in certain animal species. With that concept at the heart of the film, we conceived a way to intersperse these worlds with the ideology that with time, and the right tools, athletes are able to achieve extraordinary things.”
To further convey the similarities between sports and animals, the 3D team created a CG lion and added spectral effects throughout the piece. 3D Lead Artist James Mulholland says, “We implemented our bespoke fur system to design the CG lion as part of the “animalistic senses” triptych.”
From a 2D standpoint, the team was tasked with adding crowds into twenty different shots. 2D Lead Jamin Clutcher adds, “We had to find the right balance between enhancing the crowd in the stadium, the players, and the LED banners to achieve a cinematic environment without detracting from the main action.”
“Between the creative firepower of Highdive, the “Unleash Your Sixth Sense” concept and the amazing production chops of Mill+, this is some of the best work the Nike Lacrosse team has ever done.” said Ryan Sudenga, the North American Brand Manager for Lacrosse at Nike.