Pantene ТВ и Кино Who Says We Cant Grey Jakarta

Who Says We Cant

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Отрасль Уход за волосами
Медиа ТВ и Кино
Рынок Индонезия
Агенство Grey Jakarta
Creative Director Ridward Ongsano
Art Director Halina Santiago, Ancilla Marcelina
Copywriter Ayesha Bedi, Miranda Wiriadinata
Выпущено августа 2018

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Beauty
Media: Film
Brand: Pantene
Agency: Grey
Geo: Indonesia
Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Indonesia
Chief Executive Officer: Subbaraju Alluri
Creative Director: Ridward Ongsano
Art Directors: Halina Santiago, Ancilla Marcelina
Copywriters: Ayesha Bedi, Miranda Wiriadinata
AVP, Regional Business Director: Siddika Dehlvi
Group Account Director: Maya Dhamayanti
Account Manager: Khansa Nadira
Planning Director: Neha Bansal
Production: Shirren Lim, Maharani Putri
Production House: April Earth
Lyricist: Anggun Cipta
Published: August 2018
"Don't be shackled by the words of people who only bother and make you doubt. Don't you believe that the destiny of all women is the same and nothing is different. "
The song "Who Said We Can't" was presented by Anggun to all strong women throughout Indonesia, who lived a life beyond expectations. It's time for you to reach your dreams and ideals. Come on, show your strength.