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Freedom - International Day of the Girl

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Отрасль Права человека
Медиа ТВ и Кино
Рынок Международный
Продакшен агенство Moxie Pictures
Director Mj Delaney
Выпущено октября 2017

Кредитсы и описание

Every day girls around the world are fighting for their freedom. This International Day of the Girl join them and raise your voice. Directed by MJ Delaney, featuring Beyonce song 'Freedom,' the spot calls for action on some of the biggest challenges girls face like access to education, child marriage and the threat of violence´
Media: TV
Category: Public interest
Client: Project Everyone
Agency: -
Director: MJ Delaney
Art Director: Chantel Carter
Producer: Lucy Tate
Executive Producer: Moxie Pictures
DoP: Leo Bund
DoP: Sergei Franklin
Choreography: Lamar Lee
Choreography: Ellenore Scott
Choreography: Rhea T-W
Choreography: Gabriella Sibeko
Choreography: Heather Liposky
Camera Assistant: Valter Monterio
Production Supervisor: Mickey Fonseca
Production Supervisor: Pipas Forjaz
Production Supervisor: Daniel Nyalusi
Production Supervisor: Chivas Chivite
Production Supervisor: Issam Mussa
Production Supervisor: Aisha Mussa
Production Supervisor: Patrick Burns
Production Supervisor: Katie Connell
Editor: Jonathan Wing
Graphic Designer: Bashan Aquart
Motion Designer: Roman Micevic