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Ad Stars 2017

Тип награды: Advertising Awards

AD STARS is a single source international advertising festival representing the Republic of Korea.
AD STARS has been contributing to ‘Creative Economy’ with its role as a platform sharing varied creative solutions for advertisement as well as digital images.
As a festival not just for those in the ad industry but also for everyone, AD STARS operates diverse programs for the public including separate exhibitions for citizens, Young Stars AD Competition for college students in the world, Creative Camp, Creative School, and many others by taking initiative in “Creative Korea".

As an event to promote public interest, AD STARS further places emphasis on public campaigns and aims at a leap towards human development. Marking the 10th anniversary, AD STARS will extend its territory in seminars, exhibition and programs not only from exiting advertising creatives but to digital-technology-based digital marketing field with the theme of ‘Creativity + - x ÷ Technology.’ We will be here waiting for you at AD STARS 2017.


Tackle The Risk

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Отрасль Страхование
Медиа ТВ и Кино
Рынок Япония
Агенство TBWA\Hakuhodo Tokyo
Chief Creative Officer Kazoo Sato
Art Director Keisuke Shimizu, Sugioka Yosuke
Copywriter Hiroshi Yamazaki
Продакшен агенство AOI Pro.
Выпущено апреля 2017


Clio Awards 2017
Brand Partnerships & Collaborations Product/Service Bronze

Кредитсы и описание

Category: Professional Services
Category: Finance & insurance
Advertiser / Brand: Aig Japan Holdings
Brand: Aig Japan
Media: Film
Country: Japan
Production Company: Aoi Pro
Advertising Agency: Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Japan
Chief Creative Officer: Kazoo Sato
Copywriter: Hiroshi Yamazaki
Art Directors: Keisuke Shimizu, Yosuke Sugioka
Planner: Kei Tominaga
Project Manager: Kei Kaneko, Isao Ricky Ishii, Mami Konisho
Interactive Planner: Tetsuya Umeda
Production Manager: Makoto Tominaga
Producers: Shunsuke Nakamura, Takuma Iso
Director: Hisashi Eto
Camera: Jonas Alarik
Date: April, 2017
The city is full of unexpected dangers. AIG and ALL BLACKS joined hands to defend you against such risks.
Following the launch of their 'Active Care' insurance last year, AIG Japan has created an online film to promote the new concept that sideswipes all of the old conventions of the local insurance industry. Within three days of the launch, the film exceeded 10 million organic views online across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. As part of all standard AIG Japan insurance coverage, the company actively cares for customers before, during and after all of life's major milestones. Active Care is as much about trying to prevent bad things from happening as it is about dealing with the consequences of adverse events. The film created by TBWAHakuhodo named #TackleTheRisk, features New Zealand's National Rugby Team storming the streets of Tokyo, and tackling stunned citizens all over the city. While All Blacks' leading player Jerome Kaino unexpectedly wipes out a high school student on Shibuya crossing, other players send a bike messenger flying, decapitate a mascot in costume handing out flyers, and obliterate salary-men exchanging business cards. We then realise that the flying tackles are not random, but that each one is actually a lifesaving act, rescuing someone from a terrible unforeseen accident. The movie illustrates in a humorous and light-hearted way how there can be risks lurking in unexpected places throughout our lives. Most of us don't have guardian angels flying at us in the form of burly rugby players - but the movie shows AIG will be there to proactively help prevent terrible things from happening with Active Care.