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Ad Stars 2017

Тип награды: Advertising Awards

AD STARS is a single source international advertising festival representing the Republic of Korea.
AD STARS has been contributing to ‘Creative Economy’ with its role as a platform sharing varied creative solutions for advertisement as well as digital images.
As a festival not just for those in the ad industry but also for everyone, AD STARS operates diverse programs for the public including separate exhibitions for citizens, Young Stars AD Competition for college students in the world, Creative Camp, Creative School, and many others by taking initiative in “Creative Korea".

As an event to promote public interest, AD STARS further places emphasis on public campaigns and aims at a leap towards human development. Marking the 10th anniversary, AD STARS will extend its territory in seminars, exhibition and programs not only from exiting advertising creatives but to digital-technology-based digital marketing field with the theme of ‘Creativity + - x ÷ Technology.’ We will be here waiting for you at AD STARS 2017.


#Minohodoshirazu (Don't Know Your Place)

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Отрасль Спортивная одежда, Обувь и Аксессуары
Медиа ТВ и Кино
Рынок Япония
Агенство Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo
Executive Creative Director Mike Farr
Creative Director Hiroshi Kuyama, Azsa West
Art Director Yohey Adachi
Copywriter Andrew Miller, Takeshi Amata
Продакшен агенство Dictionary Films
Director Omri Cohen
Выпущено августа 2016


Film Craft Lotus Cinematography Bronze
Film Craft Lotus Editing Bronze

Кредитсы и описание

The phrase "Minohodoshirazu" is typically used as an insult directed at people who are seen as overly ambitious. However, Nike believes that "not knowing your place"and not placing limits on yourself, is an ideal mindset for athletes. By combining the idea of "Minohodoshirazu" with "Japanese athletes challenging their limits,"we wanted to give the phrase a surprising, positive meaning.Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Tokyo
Media: TV
Category: Sportswear
URL: http://www.nike.com/jp/ja_jp/c...
Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo
Production: Dictionary Films
Country: Japan
Director: Omri Cohen
Executive Creative Director: Mike Farr
Creative Director: Hiroshi Kuyama
Creative Director: Azsa West
Art Director: Yohey Adachi
Copywriter: Takeshi Amata
Copywriter: andrew miller
Executive Producer: Peter Grasse
Sound Design: Erik Widmark
DoP: Kristof Brandl
Account Director: Tatsuya Horikoshi
Account Director: Casey Yoneyama
Agency Producer: Kana Wakabayashi
Post production: Cutters
Editor: Ryan McGuire
Assistant Producer: Anna Liu
Post Production Producer: Megumi Irino
Music: Piano
Designer: Keisuke Koumae
Designer: Ayano Takase
Designer: Daisuke Asada
Designer: Eriko Wakabayashi
Senior Account Manager: Ryan Johnson
Broadcast Producer: Kosuke Sasaki
Colorist: Ben Conkey (Cutters)
Finish: Dr. Yu (Cutters)
Strategic Planner: Paula Bloodworth, Maria Correa, Itaru Hagino
Digital Producer: Reiko Kawaguchi
Production Assistant: Joaquin Zuluaga
Studio Manager: Lizzie Murray
Production Manager: Yoko Onodera
PR: Maiko Nishikawa
Translator: Mako Tomita, Takuro Kobayashi, Toshiko Iida,
English Synopsis:
The Tv Spot Opens With Young Voices From A Traditional “Morning Meeting.” The Voice Over Goes On To State Various Limits That Society And Educational Environments Have Influenced And Imposed Over The Years. The Visuals Show A Stark Contrast To The Voice Over, Portraying Young Athletes Aggressively Challenging And Breaking Their Limits. We Hope To Inspire Japanese Youth With Nikes Just Do It. Spirit By Giving Them An Opportunity To Reevaluate And Redefine The Phrase “Minohodoshirazu.”
English Context Explanation:
The Phrase “Minohodoshirazu” Is Typically Used As An Insult Directed At People Who Are Seen As Overly Ambitious. However, Nike Believes That “Not Knowing Your Place” And Not Placing Limits On Yourself, Is An Ideal Mindset For Athletes. By Combining The Idea Of “Minohodoshirazu” With “Japanese Athletes Challenging Their Limits,” We Wanted To Give The Phrase A Surprising, Positive Meaning.