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One Show 2017

Тип награды: Advertising Awards

Final Deadline: Jan. 27, 2017

Finalists Announced!

Check out the full list of winners here: http://www.oneclub.org/awards/theoneshow/


Heat Tech Window [image] 7

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Отрасль Магазины одежды и аксессуаров
Медиа Наружная реклама, билборды, плакаты, транспорт, Дизайн и брэндинг
Рынок Республика Корея
Агенство Cheil Seoul
Creative Director Hyungkyun Oh, Sungphil Hwang
Art Director Hyungkyun Oh, Sungphil Hwang
Junior Art Director Taeyul Ko
Copywriter Hyungkyun Oh, Sungphil Hwang
Designer Wanmo Koo, Jeakyun Kim, Sungjin Lee
Продакшен агенство Junpasang Production Seoul
Выпущено ноября 2016


One Show 2017
Print & Outdoor Promotional / Collateral: Promotional Items - Single Or Campaign Silver

Кредитсы и описание

Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Client: Uniqlo
Junior Art Director: Taeyul Ko
Head of Creative Division: Wain Choi
Art Director: Sungphil Hwang
Art Director: Hyungkyun Oh
Copywriter: Sungphil Hwang
Copywriter: Hyungkyun Oh
Designer: Wanmo Koo , Jeakyun Kim, Sungjin Lee
Creative Director: Hyungkyun Oh
Creative Director: Sungphil Hwang
Design Agency: Bounce Creative
Production Company: Junpasang Production
Winters are cold. The high heating cost in Korea makes people feel even colder.
This campaign ran from Nov. 4 until Dec. 31, 2016 in all 189 Uniqlo stores in Korea.
A Heat Tech Window was given for free with each purchase of a Heat Tech thermal wear product. 500,000 people were given a Heat Tech Window, which was then applied to their window at home.
The campaign video reached 30 million impressions online.
As a result, Heat Tech sales recorded a year-on-year growth of 203%.
This winter, homes with the Heat Tech Window were able to save about 20% on heating overall.