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How much does Coloribus cost? 
Coloribus starts at $39 a month. You may check all available options here. We also have special subscription options for public libraries and education institutions, email us at in case you need any details.
What are the technical requirements for using Coloribus?
Coloribus is available anywhere you have an internet connection. There's nothing to install, and all you need is a modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox).
How can I pay for Coloribus? 
We teamed up with Avangate to provide a secure and reliable platform for selling our products online. The whole ordering process is supported by Avangate, who handles all transactions details. Your private data is 100% safe, as Avangate complies with the latest online security standards. Avangate accepts PayPal, Bank/Wire transfer, WebMoney and all major credit cards.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription by contacting our Customer Support at We will attempt to process all cancellation requests within 72 hours after we receive them. Please read our Cancellation and Refund Policy for more details.
Can I purchase a single advert?
The answer is “No”. It doesn’t work this way.
Are there any limitations relative to a subscription?
By using Coloribus you agree to the Terms of Use and accept them. Please read carefully before subscribing.
How can I download videos from 
After you’ve been subscribed to Coloribus, you will get full access to all existing materials on the site and download any of them. To download the video, you can use a direct link, which is available for every TV spot placed on the site. In most cases, all you need is click the right button of your mouse and choose “save as” from the menu to start downloading. 
I can't play the video or don't have sound when the video is playing, what do I do?
If you are not seeing an image when trying to play a video or do not hear the sound, your system is probably lacking the necessary plugin. Click one of the following links to download your desired media player: Windows Media PlayerQuicktimeDivX Codec

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